Biova Salt Licks

Nowadays you will find on the European market almost exclusively refined animal or mineral pressed leak salt. This is demonstrably but not even half as good for the animals as our Biova salt blocks from Pakistan, and the following reasons:

The salt is not burdened by the environmental

Our salt crystals of rock salt are of original purity, about 250 million years old and unrefined. The salt is chemically analyzed for us in Pakistan and studied in Germany again. Our Salt Licks have food quality! There is no expiration date on our salt licks.



  1. Natural salt licks made of crystal salt
  2. Pressed salt licks made of crystal salt
  3. Salt licks made of salt from the Carpathians

Another quality of Biova salt licks that all our licks individually wrapped in foil to protect them better against moisture and thus to extend the shelf life. Furthermore, we use the natural hemp cord, so no plastic or something similar!


Good and reputable stud like Charlottenhof Marbach Gomadingen rely on our Licks! But just over 150 feed dealers and over 400 specialty shops and equestrian numerous wholesalers and retailers all over Europe!

Fairtrade also for salt licks: We believe in making the production in Pakistan that no children are employed and employees receive a living wage. We personally checked at least once per year. In addition, we will confirm this by an independent notary in Pakistan! Try our original salt blocks from the house Biova.

Own studies have shown that many animals are still under heavy salt and mineral deficiency suffer from what can be a reason for several diseases and an energy-free animal. Animals are not influenced by advertising or cajoling. Take the test yourself and offer your pet licks at our.

You will see that your pet will love you for it!

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