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Demerara Rohrohrzucker aus Reunion 6er Raw cane sugar from Reunion

This raw cane sugar comes from the island of Réunion. It was formed about 3 million years ago when a volcano emerged from the Indian Ocean. The island is an overseas department of France and as big as the Saarland. It is located 700 km east of Madagascar. La Réunion has a very fertile soil and is ideal for agriculture. The most important economic activity is the cultivation of sugar cane. The harvest is done by hand with machetes as usual.

Made from 100% pure cane sugar, this brown raw cane sugar with its fine caramel, malt and vanilla notes is ideal for sweetening hot drinks such as coffee and tea, but also for cocktails and fruit.

Origin: Reunion

Carton: 6 x 300g

Article Nr.: 5715 EAN Code: 4260114118534

Sack: 25Kg Sack

Articlel Nr.: 5515