Dear Biova customers,
our number has changed during our relocation. You can reach us from now on under +49 7054 - 93 123 0 or via the direct dialing numbers, which can be found under "Contact".

Many Thanks.
Sincerely, your Biova team


We have an early 2008 about 400 sqm plus 50 sqm warehouse based packing and exhibit space.

Correct pallet racks were purchased, organized modern industrial and transport vehicles.
Our fleet has been increased.

With this equipment we can handle large and small orders as quickly as possible.

Pack works of customized products and packaging needs, we can implement with trained personnel in a very short time.

In here we suggest to good 30-40 20 "container with approx 25.000kg. I.e. we sat in the camp in good order at 900-1000 t salt products.

With steady growth averaging 12% a year!

This of course also means that we control these random and possibly sort out, so that you as a customer receive only the best products.

Scrap of lamps, candles etc. are not passed on to you, but donated free of charge to local forester for feeding wild in native forest!

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We do not look at the production and selection of suppliers or not only the purchase price.

Important for us are:

Continuous quality control of our suppliers (ISO9001 certifications)
Decent working conditions
Fair and adequate remuneration of workers
We shy away from child labor and check it yourself!

We develop customized products in Germany and put them in the country of manufacture, together with our suppliers to offer.

This again is one more reason to be Biova customer! Nevertheless, we try to offer the products at low prices.

We have no production in Pakistan or other countries. Some competitors try to portray it as if they have this, this is wrong and misleading.

We work fairly and honestly with our suppliers and our customers!

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