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Viking salt

Our aromatic Viking salt has a wonderful, intense, smoky flavor that comes from over a week of being cold smoked.  Unlike most of the smoked salts on the market, this salt is not created with a ‘smoked spray, and has not had ‘smoke flavoured’ essence added to attain the smokiness. It is the real McCoy (aprox. 5% of all smoked salts are truly smoked salts). The wood used for our salt is juniper, which is specially imported from Norway which has a low emission policy.
The original recipe for this salt entailed pouring sea water onto branches on a burning fire. When the logs were dry, the Viking’s would scrape off the charred salt and water remains for their use.

Beneath the open air bonfire taste of the salt, there are many different nuances of flavour which means that the salt is soft on the palate, whilst maintaining it’s dignity. A very popular salt with our hearty customers.

It is great with eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, green veg, and fish. No longer do you need to yearn for a Summer grill in the middle of Winter, when you want a good barbecued steak. Simply create a smoke rub with Viking salt and some good quality herbs and chuck some beef in the oven.

Available in 100g Biova paper bags to our MSRP of 15.95 € / unit 7% VAT (equivalent to € 159.50 / kg) or to 5kg in a plastic bag in bulk.

> 97.5% NaCl, 0.04%   Ca, 0.00% Mg, 0.10% SO4
Humidity: 0.02-0.1%

Available units:
100g paper carton:
Item No.: 8110 EAN Code: 4260114119234
RRP: 13,95 € including 7% VAT (equivalent to   € 139.50 / kg 7% VAT)
5kg PE bag:
Item No.: 8110-1
RRP: € 519.00 (€ 103.80 equivalent / kg 7%   VAT)

Please note. The RRP is the recommended retail price. Please ask for a quote,
as prices change according to the quantity ordered.

Features: Smells very strongly of juniper smoke

Taste: Very spicy, yet mild flavor

Dishes: Grilled meat and vegetables