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Tibet salt

Biova Tibet salt, also called "Mongolian  salt" comes from the Qinghai Salt Lake in Tibet. It lies at an altitude of 3200 meters. The Qinghai Lake ("the green-blue sea") is one of the largest salt lakes in the world.

The salt is harvested traditionally by small farmers and the ideal weather conditions enable this salt to be one of the finest salts in the world. It has been highly regarded by Tibetans, who appreciate the struggle involved for the mountain villagers who transported the salt down from the plateaus, through some of the roughest terrain known to mankind.  

This salt is distinctive in taste, somewhat spicy, with slightly earthy flavours. It is ideal for cooking and seasoning of all foods.

As one would expect coming from Tibet. It is a not a pushy salt, and although it is stronger than "salty", it brings flavours together in a gentle and harmonious way. 
Definitely one for ‘the path’!


at least 97.6% NaCl, 0.381% Ca, 0.140% Mg, 1.44% SO4. Humidity: 0.02-0.1%

Available units:

200g paper carton:

Item No.: 8015 EAN Code: 4260114119043

RRP: € 2.79 (equivalent to € 13.95 / kg 7% VAT)

25kg sacks:

Item No.: 8107-1

RRP: € 65.00 (equivalent to 2,60 € / kg 7% VAT)

Please note. The RRP is the recommended retail price.
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as the price changes according to the quantity ordered.

Special features: High purity

Taste: Very spicy, slightly earthy flavor

Dishes: Good all round salt