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Premium Smoked Salt

Biova premium smoked salt from Denmark is a blend of our famous smoked salt from Denmark with our Viking salt. No artificial smoke flavorings. An intense cold smoking over beech wood gives this caramel brown salt its unique flavor and color. Excellent for vegetarians who do not want to give up the taste of smoked food.

Try Premium smoked salt to all egg dishes, baked potatoes, steaks, seafood, vegetables and mushrooms or hearty stews.


98.7% NaCl., 0.09% So4, 300 mg / kg of S, 0.057% Ca, 0.0088% of Mg, 0.013% K

Available units:

100g paper carton:

Item No.:. 8290 (100g granules 1-3mm) EAN code: 4260114119319

RRP € 6.49 / pc 7% VAT.

15kg PE bags:

Item No.:. 8325

RRP 549,00 € (equivalent to € 36.60 / kg 7% VAT)

Special features: caramel brown, uniform coloring

Taste: Smoky taste, very spicy

Suitable for: egg dishes, vegetarian dishes, salads, tofu, mushroom dishes