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Lac Rose salt

This African salt comes from a salt lake, that is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site in Senegal.
Local farmers have harvested the pink-red salt from Lac Rose for centuries. The colour comes from a blue green algae that remarkably lives in the water. The salt content is similar to that of the Dead Sea, although the Lac Rose has a milder and more delicate flavour.

Fish and vegetables do very well with this salt.

NaCl 98.13%, Sulphate 0.4%, 0.1% Ca, 0.005% Mg, potassium 0, 014%, Moisture: 0.5

Available units:
200g paper carton:
Item No.:. 8215 (200g fine 0.2-0.7 mm) EAN   code: 4260114119241
Item No.:. 8220 (200g granules 1-6mm) EAN   code: 4260114119258
RRP: € 2.95 (equivalent to € 14.75 / kg 7%   VAT)
25kg sacks:
Item No.:. 8340 (0.2-0.7 mm fine)
Item No.:. 8350 (1-6mm pellets)RRP: 120,00 € (equivalent to € 4.80 / kg 7%   VAT)

Please note. The RRP is the recommended retail price. Please ask for our price
as the price changes according to the quantity ordered.

Feature: Hand-made

Taste: Smells strongly of the sea, very intense in flavour

Dishes: Fish and vegetables