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Kalahari Desert Salt

The Biova Kalahari Desert Salt is probably one of the oldest salts that we sell. Some people have quoted over 300 million years old. As the name implies, it comes from the Kalahari Desert where it is harvested from from a natural lake, before being dried in the sun and then packaged. It is free of impurities and like all our salts hasn’t been refined or treated with additives or chemicals.
It is a hardy, good quality coarse salt, that conjurs up memories of the time when we were all nomads.

Simply put it into a grinder and enjoy.

Quality characteristics of this salt:
- Sun Dried
- Harvested by hand
- Pure natural salt with no additives
- About 280 million years old
- Contains many minerals and trace elements

This salt is excellent value for money. Many top chefs swear by this natural wild and pure salt!
Use Biova Kalahari Desert Salt for all your meals.

Awards from the International Quality & Taste Institute in Brussels!

> 93.7% NaCl, 0.03% Ca, <0.008% Mg, 4.0% sulfate, S04, 0.134%, 0.006% potassium
Moisture: 0.04%
(Analysis: GBA Hamburg 2012)

Available units:

200g paper carton:
Item No.: 8045 (200g fine 0.1-0.6 mm) EAN code: 4260114119104
Item No.: 8050 (200g granules 1-3mm) EAN code: 4260114119111
RRP: 2,75 € / pcs 7% VAT (equivalent to €   27.50 / kg)

20kg sacks:
Item No.: 8117-1 (Fine 0.1-0.6 mm)
Item No.: 8118-1 (granules 1-3mm)
RRP: € 103.00 (equivalent to € 5.15 / kg 7%   VAT)

Features: Pure natural desert salt

Taste: Very intense, natural flavor

Dishes: For cooking and seasoning any food: Try desert salt on a dessert.