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Inca sun salt

This solar salt comes from the highlands of the Peruvian Andes (also called Andean salt). It is still collected in the same traditional way that the Incas used.

A powerful salt water spring near Machu Picchu floods over 1500 terraced 10 cm deep pools. The pools are then dammed and the sun does the rest of the work, evaporating the water and leaving a crust of Sun salt in the pools. The process takes several weeks and leaves us with a very slightly yellow, fragile and delicious salt flake.  

This Inca salt is a fine delicacy of a salt, similar to a Fleur de Sel (that is also sun-dried). Particularly noteworthy is the high purity of the spring water which fills the pools. As the spring is over 3000 meters above Sea level and is far from any industry, we are able to enjoy a particularly pure salt with a fascinating history.

Inca sun salt is suitable for classic home cooking.


> 95% NaCl, 3.7% Ca, 0.03% Mg, 0.42% SO4,   10.3 mg iodine, 1.5 mg zinc, 190 mg of potassium

Available units:

200g paper carton:

Item No.: 8020 EAN Code: 4260114119050

UVPE: 4,95 € (equivalent to € 24.75 / kg 7%   VAT)

10kg PE bags (20kg carton - 2x10kg bag)

Item No.: 8101-1

UVPE: € 116.00 (equivalent to € 11.60 / kg 7% VAT)

Special features: High mineral content, slightly yellowish   color

Taste: Mild taste

Dishes: Easy dishes such as fish, vegetables or table salt for the mill

Inca Sun Salt Video