Biova salt building materials for your salt cave / salt Salounge © materials for beautification of space and time

The salt of the building materials company Biova are unique and of the highest quality. With salt bricks or tiles or even raw salt chunks already some salt rooms were embellished in Germany and Europe.

The very beautiful salt structures, and the red-orange and white colors of the salt structures have a calming, relaxing and balancing of body, mind and soul.

Basically, years of experience and a highly creative team has already implemented some, true to the motto: "Do not go there's not!" Please talk to us! We are also able to implement your request to us safely, and to help you technically.

What can you do everything from building materials Biova salt?

As just mentioned, the imagination has no limits. And there were already successfully implemented the following projects:

radiator cover
Salt caves / salt rooms / Salounges
salt counters
salt tables
salt chairs
Saline soils (in salt caves or hotels)
Sauna Beautification


We offer the following materials to salt: Raw chunks of salt of 2 - 25kg packed in safe and stable wooden crates of 750 kg.


The following sizes of salt bricks:

Biova salt cave 15x15x5cm
Biova salt cave 15x15x5 cm
Biova salt cave 15x15x5cm
Biova salt cave 21x14x7 cm
Biova salt bricks 20x10x5cm
Biova salt bricks 20x10x5 cm
Biova salt bricks 20x10x3cm rough
Biova salt bricks 20x10x3 cm rough
Biova salt bricks 20x15x5cm
Biova salt bricks 20x15x5 cm
Biova salt bricks 20x15x3cm front rough
Biova salt bricks 20x15x3 cm front rough
Biova salt flows 20x10x2,5cm
Biova salt flows 20x10x2,5 cm
Biova salt flows 20x15x2,5cm
Biova salt flows 20x15x2,5 cm
Biova salt flows 20x20x2,5cm
Biova salt flows 20x20x2,5 cm
Biova salt column lights up
Biova salt column lights up diameter 28cm


Dimensions and packaging units:

20 x 10 x 5 cm weight approx 2.25 kg = Pl = 450 pc by pc / 6 pcs. by kart
20 x 10 x 2,5cm weight = 1.25 kg = approx St. by Pl = 600 pcs / 10 pcs.
21 x 14 x 7 cm kart by weight = about 4.65 kg per pcs = Pl = 216 pcs / 6pcs. by kart
20 x 15 x 5 cm weight approx 3.40 kg = St. by Pl = 240St. / 6pcs. by kart
20 x 20 x 2,5 cm weight = 2.25 kg = approx St. by Pl = 384 pcs / 6pcs. by kart

The o.g. Bricks are shipped from the factory with smooth polished sides. Roughed pages are made to order of course also possible.

Other sizes on request of course. We also produce special sizes customized for you!

salz lamps salz lamps

Biova LED light chain /
rope light set suitable in warm white with integrated control unit and power supply for indoor & outdoor.

Long rope light with 36 LEDs / m in the warm white with a controller power supply. You can either allow only the LED string lights or choose between 7 different flashing or light transit operations by pressing a button. This product is the development of the proven grain of rice hoses with the advantage that you can save 90% of your electricity costs and the life of the bulb was extended for up to 50000 hours. Very luminous and suitable for a stylish lighting with our Biova salt materials, whether salt tiles, bricks or lighting of our salt lumps!


• Hose diameter 14mm

• Length: 3 m, 4 m, 6 m, 10 m, 20 m, 40 m or 80 m

• LEDs 36/per meter

• AC voltage from 90V-265V 220V / 230V - 50Hz

• Splash proof

• Light color warm white 4500 k

• Performance / Consumption 2.5 watts per meter - 50 watts at 20 m

NEW: everything from a single source, we will give you our information and wholesale prices on! Set up and build your salt cave, we provide everything you need to!

- Sole nebulizer

- Suitable Chairs

- Acoustic doors & sides

- Salt stones in various formats

- LED light tubes

- Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions!