We have specialized in exquisite gourmet   salts, we are looking for, examine and evaluate various salts from around the   world. When a salt meets our high quality standards, we import the salt and   bring it to the market.

We guarantee you:

- To act only selected and tested salts

- That we dispense with the production and   processing of child labor

- That we reward the processor sufficiently

- That we can examine all of our salts again   in Germany.

Therefore, we are the right partner for you in terms of salt. We supply wholesale and retail, and the processing industry.  An annual customer growth at a double-digit percentage range is a testament to our commitment and our high level of customer satisfaction!

You want individual table salt? For example, spice or herb salts? With Bio-Siegel? In its own packaging? No problem, just tell us your requirements and we do the rest!

Marco Müller

Sales & Marketing natural salt / sea salt

Marco Müller

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