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Tiger pepper / Malabar black pepper

This extraordinary specialty pepper comes from a strictly protected nature reserve in the highlands of the Malabar Coast, located in the state of Kerala in the very south-western India.

He is grown by peasant producer groups far away from any civilization. This original area is known for its rich biodiversity, which also tigers and elephants. The harvest volumes are very low at this traditional pepper plant, but the levels of flavor and aroma substances such as essential oils significantly higher than most peppers. The pepper is hand-plowed and sun-dried.

Use our Tiger should always freshly ground pepper on top, so you can enjoy its unique, intense and fruity full. Our Tiger pepper is excellent with roast meat and fish, for sauces and stews.

Available units:

80g paper carton:

Item No.:. 2210 EAN Code: 4260114119517

UVPE: 4,95 € / pcs 7% VAT.

25 Kg bag

Item No.:. 2500

UVPE: 750,00 € (equivalent to 30,00 € / kg 7%   VAT)

Features: Dark brown to black berries, intense flavor

Taste: intense, fruity, full-bodied, pleasantly   warm sharpness

Dishes: meats of all kinds, fish, seafood, stews, Universal pepper for the mill