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Tasmanian pepper

Tasmanian pepper, also called mountain´pepper, is an evergreen shrub 2-3 meters in height, the leaves and berries are often used because of your pepper-like sharpness in the kitchen. It grows exclusively in the humid, cool valleys and gorges of the rain forests of Tasmania and New South Wales in Australia's southwest. The annual harvest levels of these wild growing Australian specialty are very low.

The first Tasmanian pepper tastes fruity, sweet and then surprise them with an intense focus. This results in a slightly numb feeling sets. Tasmanian pepper should be used very sparingly, it is a little sharper than normal black pepper. For the pepper mill, it is less suitable because he likes bonded. Better to grind it in a mortar before use. The  crushed tasmanian pepper discolored reddish-violet light meals, an effect which can be a little heightened by the addition of salt.  It is best to not have long to cook the peppers with, but accompanied shortly before completion of a court.

Available units:

50g paper carton:

Item No.:. 2230 EAN Code: 4260114119609

UVPE: 15,90 € / pcs 7% VAT.

Flavor 1kg bag

Item No.:. 2530

UVPE: € 201.00 7% VAT

Special features: Intesiv purple-black berries

Taste: fruity-sweet first, then very sharp

Dishes: all venison, dark meat, Australian cuisine (Bush food), tuna steak,